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ATL Transformers are leading UK manufacturers of power transformers or electrical transformers based in Manchester. With over 30 years experience designing, manufacturing and servicing Air natural transformers, inductors and specialist wound components.

ATL at this time do not manufacture distribution, oil filled high voltage transformers but are able to service any of your air cooled naturally aspirated transformer requirements up to 900KVA.


Our products are of the highest quality and fully conform to the BSI ISO 9001 standards, and include: single phase transformers, three phase transformers, choke inductors, power supplies and specialist assemblies.  


ATL Transformers have an extensive team of specialist engineers working with you to achieve a fast turnaround time for all of your enquiries, magnetics, repairs and rewinds. ATL design, manufacture and service a vast range of transformers and wound components to many industrial sectors from small machine and panel builders to large marine, sub-station and defence applications.


We also specialize in the supply of transformers and inductors to manufacturers of technical teaching equipment for Military, schools, colleges, universities and industrial training centers worldwide. Our products and services have played vital roles in the development of pilot plants across the globe testing new water and waste recycling technology, wind & ocean energy generation systems.


Detailed information about many of our transformers can be found on this website, if you are interested in any product or are looking for a transformer not listed on the website please use the enquiry button on the product page, call us on 0161 653 0902 or email sales@atltransformers.co.uk



Product Selection:

Railway Transformers 


Single Phase Transformers

Small double wound isolation transformers - Enclosed

Medium Double Wound Isolation transformers Panel & Studs UI
Small Double wound Isolation transformer Panel & Studs EI
EI Transformers with Solder tag terminals
Small Double wound isolation transformers Screw Terminals EI
Medium Double wound isolation transformers Screw Terminals UI
Large Double wound isolation transformers UI


Three Phase Transformers
Three Phase Isolation transformers to BSEN61558
Heat Treatment Transformers


Single Phase DC chokes


Specialist assemblies
Modular power supplies


HPS Lighting
26A 8way Contactor


Registered Brands of ATL Transformers:


Ultra Efficient Railway Signalling Transformers.



                Advanced Thermal Shielding Technology.